Why ND Packaging

At ND Packaging, we commit to always be at the ready for our partners, no matter the request.

Our mission is to drive value for your business. Our dedicated team is ready to work for you.

We are strategically located to provide fast and flawless deliveries. Our distribution reach allows us to deliver your order to numerous destinations in Wisconsin and the greater Chicagoland area.

Our commitment to you is that you will always receive packaging that exceeds your performance standards. That packaging will be delivered when you need it and as you expected. Your business performance is dependent on our performance; thus, we will continue to invest in order to ensure our customers succeed.

Speed wins

In today’s business environment, speed to market is critical. Our responsiveness impacts your ability to provide answers to your customers. Timely deliveries of product ensure your operation runs smoothly. And faster turnaround means less inventory in the supply chain – and less cost to you. At ND Packaging, we recognize the value of speed. Our highly-trained team delivers solutions safely, quickly and economically.

Exceptional workmanship

Mistakes, no matter how small, are expensive. They interrupt your operations, require time to resolve, introduce more waste into the supply chain, and, ultimately, incur additional cost. Our dedicated team takes pride in their work. They strive to deliver the highest-quality product for your business, every time.

Flexible capacity

Business is dynamic. Last-minute requests happen. Our ability to respond to your needs makes the difference between success and failure for your project or operation. ND Packaging operates with a philosophy to intentionally maintain flexibility in our operational capacity. This flexibility allows for openings in our production schedule for emergency situations. We can accommodate your urgent requirements where others cannot.

Printing capability

Environmental sustainability is important to every business, and source reduction initiatives are a key component of an effective operating strategy. ND Packaging can help. Through utilization of high-strength, lightweight containerboard, our expert team can optimize paper weights to create a packaging solution that satisfies your product protection and branding requirements, but prevents overpackaging and uses less raw material than standard products in the marketplace.

Recycled papers

Recycled papers have many environmental benefits. Their manufacture requires less energy and water than non-recycled papers, while producing lower carbon emissions. And, since paper can be recycled 4 to 5 times, using recycled grades reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills. Our raw material sourced from ND Paper’s Biron Division are produced with 100% recycled furnish, ensuring precious resources are conserved.

Integrated advantage

Our ND Paper Biron’s Division benefits our customers providing a secure supply, of high performing recycled liner and medium. Our commitment to meeting customer expectations drove us to invest in our Biron Division’s recycled pulping facility and state of the art paper machine. As our customer, you are assured a supply of raw materials that will yield predictable packaging performance while meeting your sustainability objectives. The entire ND Paper and ND Packaging Team is committed to ensuring our customers never have to worry about their packaging.

Industry experts

Our team’s varied background and expertise is available to help improve your business’ results. We strive to provide the highest degree of consultative service and partner with you. Our skilled sales and design team is here to serve your needs, delivering innovative and value-added packaging solutions. Our dedicated operations staff take pride in their work to delivery high-quality packaging on-time, every time.